Monday, October 4, 2010

Some guys are just downright rude!

After sharing countless fishing trips over the last year and a half, I thought I knew my good friend Marty pretty well. But then he shows up to our latest epic adventure without any flies and has to bum them from me - and proceeds to outfish me about 8 to 1 with my own flies! Now, I'm not usually much of a fish counter and I don't get very competitive with fishing, but you tend to notice stuff like that.

This Sunday, we decided on an old favorite crick that holds a mix of brookies and browns in the hopes of getting into some of the larger pre-spawn browns. Based on a tip about some hawgs that reside in the upper reaches, we took a new route that put us on the creek well above our normal starting point.

The water looked good and conditions seemed prime but I couldn't seem to buy a strike. Undeterred by my ineptitude, Marty was landing fish after fish. I don't even think he felt bad about it...

I finally managed to land one lonely, half decent brookie from a deep hole by dredging the bottom with tungsten and lead under a bobber:

I thought things were lookin' up there for a second but that was about it for me as far as half decent fish go. Marty continued to catch fish in almost every pool, and I think the count ended up something like 27 to 3 (not that I was counting).

So I guess I'll continue to fish with the guy but we'll just see if he ever gets any flies from me again. I'm quite sure he couldn't outfish me with his own flies...

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  1. Perhaps the next few flies you give to him, are tied on the loose end.

    A great looking brookie.