Saturday, October 2, 2010

Let's liven things up round here!

The past week's rain and the stunning weather forecast meant it was time to get back out to the Park, so I loaded up the truck and headed West bright n' early this morning. After a short hike I put in at this lovely spot:

And promptly hooked up with this feller who was dressed in his finest in preparation for the upcoming freak fest:

Took advantage of the underwater feature of my new camera to get this shot of him sullking at my feet after the release:

Couldn't have been a nicer day:

The water was way up, a welcome sight, and I had to go deep with big heavy stonefly nymphs for most of the fish but I found a couple who were willing to look up:

Another underwater shot. I'm like a kid with a new toy:

And the mother of all brookie holes. It was generous again today:

Summer spring creek fishin' is fun but it sure was good to get back out to the mountains. Let's hope this water holds up and they have a good spawn this year.


  1. Great report Dan! Beautiful fish/stream. That last pool is absolutely amazing!

  2. Thanks Tyler. That pool is the prettiest spot in the Park that I've ever found. And it holds some nice fish too. Luckily it's on a feeder to a much more popular stream and it's a good long way up the mountain, so I don't think it gets too many visitors.