Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bears and Brook Trout

After a Saturday filled with college football watchin' (Go Hokies!), I decided to make one last trek out to the Park for some brookie action before the spawn starts. Next weekend, I'll be in TN chasing big browns on the South Holston and after that, the spawn should be in full swing in the mountains. That means it'll be time to give the brookies a break so they can make some babies. Marty was of the same mindset and we headed to our mutual favorite crick bright and early this morning to try to go out in style.

We got a nice surprise on the hike in as we rounded a turn and came across a black bear out for a leisurely morning stroll. I fumbled around and managed to get the camera out in time to snap this crappy photo before he bounded off up the ridge on the other side of the creek. What a cool way to start the day.

We fished up through the first section picking up a few small fish and came to the first big waterfall and plunge pool on this stream. The pool is nice and deep and looks like it should hold some monster brookies but I've never even managed a fish from this spot on all of my previous trips.

Today was a different story as it yielded my best fish of the day. Check out the colors on this fish - definitely dressed up and ready for courtship.

We continued upstream enjoying the fall scenery and picking up fish on dry flies in almost every pool - nothing huge but plenty of plump little brookies were in the mood to feed.

Working our way up into the canyon.

I was tossing a yellow stimulator most of the day and when we found a fish that didn't like the looks of that, they were still willing to eat a parachute mayfly pattern. There was no need to go deep today.

Finished off the day way on up the hill and decided to make our way back down to the parking lot with plenty of light left in the sky. On the way out we talked of new streams to try out this winter - I can't wait.


  1. Found your blog via Mark (Shoremans)recommendation - he has good taste! Nice work.

    Stop over to our new blog directory - love to have you included


  2. Those are some beautiful brookies. Shoreman sent me over too. I'm loving the posts (and the gorgeous streams)

  3. Great report... I love the brookies. I was sent over from a different blog. I'm gonna hit the "follow" button right now. =)

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  4. Thanks for the compliments guys. I checked out the Outdoor Blogger Network. There's some cool stuff there.

  5. Great shots of the brookies... I love catching 'em, especially when they're swimming where they belong. Great work...