Monday, February 27, 2012

A Nice Little Sunday

I stopped by to check out the house progress on my way out to the Park this Sunday.  Things are moving along pretty well.  Most of the siding is up and it won't be long until the outside of the house is done.  Things look pretty much the same on the inside, although they did install the tubs and showers.

After snapping a few pics at the new homestead, I made my way out to the Park to enjoy the blue bird day.  Water levels were pretty much perfect.

And the fish proved to be obliging.

I spent several beautiful 70 degree days trapped in the office last week and even though the air temps only made it into the low 50s on Sunday, the bugs and the fish didn't seem to mind. 

Bugs were hatching and fish were rising wherever the sun was shining.  Things were pretty dead in the shady spots and I found myself just skipping over them after a while.  No use dredging the bottom with a nymph when fish were rising right up around the corner.

I eventually made my way pretty far upstream and decided to call it a day when the sun dipped below the western ridge.

But I found one last sunlit run and a fish to end the day before the hour long walk back to the truck.  Not a bad Sunday at all.


  1. Hi Dan!

    Lovely post! You are fortunate to have that nice stream filled with beautiful Brook Trout. I just love the coloration of that fish. Very nice shots you took of the stream and some brook trout! It seems like your new homestead is coming along fine too.

    Have fun dry fly fishing for the marvellous Brook Trout,
    Mats Olsson, Bollnäs in Sweden

  2. What a gorgeous day...and the last shot is absolutely stunning! What camouflage!

  3. Thank you all for the compliments. Mats, I do feel very fortunate to have the SNP and it's brook trout so close. e.m.b., it's amazing how vivid those fish are and how completely they can disappear in the water.