Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What a Difference a Couple Days Makes

On Sunday I tagged along with Marty to a steep little feeder creek that I had never fished before.  Saturday's warm weather turned into a chilly, blustery morning and a light snow fell as we made our way through the holler. Our theory, which was better than admitting the alternative, was that the sudden weather change put the fish off.  We couldn't buy a bite from our little spotted friends who had been so cooperative only one day prior.  Since we only had a half day to waste and couldn't wait around for things to heat up, we admitted defeat and retreated to Richmond with the smell of skunk strong upon us.

Feeling less than satisfied with the whole thing, I checked the forecast for the next several days and saw that Tuesday was supposed to be a Blue Sky day with temps in the high 50s.   I made a quick call to make sure Marty could take the day off and plans were set in motion to remedy our Sunday failure.

We started bright and early with the whole day ahead of us.  Sketchy bottom access at our chosen destination meant we were starting from Skyline Drive.  A quick 3 mile hike from the top of mountain to the lower Park boundary ensued.  Things were looking good when we got there.

Numerous plunge pools and deep punch bowls...

Gave up some nice fish by dredging the depths with heavy nymphs.

But there was some good looking dry fly water between the deep spots that kept us changing flies on a regular basis.

Little olive mayflies had fish looking toward the surface and a small parachute Adams enticed a few good ones to chow down.

Perfect water levels combined with the mild weather has made this the best winter fishing I can remember in quite some time.

And of course, Marty had to show off...

With another huge native brook trout.

It's shaping up to be one heck of good year.


  1. Those last two brookies were outstanding! Nice job.

  2. Lovely brook trout in a beautiful stream. I'm aiming at giving some nearby streams with brook trout a real chance the coming season.

    Have fun dry fly fishing for brook trout,

  3. Wow! Those are some great natives!