Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Down Time

It feels like I haven't been fishing in forever. In actuality, it's been the longest stretch I've gone without wetting a line in several years - almost 2 months. I may be about to lose it if I don't remedy this situation soon. My recent weekends have been filled with house hunting and the task of finding just the right house has prevented me from getting in any stream time. On the weekends I've been free, the weather hasn't cooperated. Oh well, hopefully I'll be back in the game soon. In the meantime, I've been spending a lot of time at the vise trying to get the boxes stocked. So in an effort to not let the blog go completely by the wayside, I thought I would post up some pics of the patterns I've been working on.

Small rubber legged stonefly nymph:

March Brown Para-Wulff.

Christmas Para-Wulff I tied for the weekly tying contest on my local forum:

My take on the Tellico Nymph.  A true Southern classic:

Flashback Pheasant tail nymph:

And my favorite.  A stonefly pattern that I wasted a bunch of materials and hooks on until I was satisfied with how it came out.  I think this one's going to be a killer:


  1. They all look very edible to me. Now get out and try them.


  2. very nice, eager to hear how they worked.

  3. Cool and great nymphs! I want to try making those nymphs since I have started to love fishing after me and my partner had south holston fly fishing last winter.