Saturday, December 31, 2011

Choose your fishing partners wisely!

You're having a fine day working your way up a favorite creek with a trusted fishing buddy.

And hooking the occasional little fish.

You pause to look upstream and quickly survey the spots on this little stream that are most likely to hold a nice trout.  You spot a nice pool up ahead and know that a good fish has to be living there.

You stop for a second to fuss with your tackle and grab a quick drink of water.  When you look up again, your fishing partner has leapfrogged ahead of you and claimed the pool for his own.  He doesn't even look sorry about it.

You briefly entertain throwing a big rock into the hole to show him what you think of his tactics, but decide instead to see what happens. He is rewarded for his devious ways.

The pool gives up the biggest native brook trout you've ever personally witnessed.  Even though, by rights, this should have been your fish, you are happy for your buddy.  

You think: It's a good thing we're friends.


  1. Beautiful brookie! If I knew that there would be a brookie like that there the next time I would save the rock for his head.