Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Weekend's Fishin'

The weather has been bad enough around here lately, that 2 days in the low 50s with winds gusting 20 - 30 mph seemed like perfect fishing weather - so I went both days. I have been wanting to get back up on the uppermost stretch of my favorite spring creek for a while now. This stretch is an overgrown mess in the summer that's full of ticks, so I haven't been up there for a year or so. To me, it's the prettiest water on the creek.

Unfortunately, the fishing wasn't good and I took a skunking on my home water. I fished it hard from the top to the bottom, and had 2 strikes all day long - both of which I missed. These fish are very skittish about overhead threats and the bright sky kept most of the fish tucked away - but it was a nice day to be out anyway - even if I was dodging my back cast in the wind most of the day.

I met up with Marty on Sunday and we hiked into a remote stream in the SNP that we've been talking about trying for quite a while. There is no trail on this stream and it's chock full of fish, probably because of the lack of fishing pressure it receives.

The water was still a chilly 37 degrees and there was plenty of snow and ice, especially in the upper reaches. Even so, we caught a bunch of fish, mostly in the 4 - 6" range. I missed a couple better fish and saw plenty of good ones, so a return trip when things warm up is definitely in order.

There was a bunch of good dry fly water on this one so I really want to get back in there in March or April when the trout are more likely to be looking up.


  1. Beautiful brookie.
    That stream looks to be a productive one, especially if the winter ever ends.

  2. Thanks Brk Trt. It's definitely a productive creek. There must have been 50 fish in the big hole in pic #3. I pulled 7 or 8 fish out of it before it was spooked.

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