Sunday, October 2, 2011


 Fast forward 2 weeks and I'm back on the stream.  College football and various errands kept me at home last weekend but I'm planning on taking my revenge today.  I've picked a little stream on the SNP boundary that holds browns and a few lonely brookies.  I'm in a brown trout kind of mood.

The Hardy has been mailed out to see if it can be salvaged so I dust off an old Meisselbach that goes well with the vintage cane.

Drizzly, cold weather does not bode well for dry fly fishing so I go with the stonefly again.  It doesn't take long for the fish to show they approve. 


I've been intent on the business at hand and finally take a look around.  I notice that some of the leaves are starting to turn - mostly yellows right now but it won't be long before the reds and oranges turn these creeks into a painting.

I continue making my way upstream and pick up a few fish here and there.  I wouldn't call it a feeding frenzy but this creek has never been about numbers anyway.

I sit down to eat some lunch and reflect on the morning.  I've fooled a few fish, managed not to bust my ass again and successfully put my last outing behind me - and that's good enough for today.


  1. Looks like my kind of stream! Nice Browns.

  2. I hear you; the lure of college football season starting up can wreak havoc on how long I’m in the woods or on the stream this time of year. But there’s no doubt in my mind, especially seeing this post, I’m an outdoorsman first and the call of the wild rings loud and clear!in some way it’s a good thing I don’t have the ‘big ten network,’ lol. Great post! Tight lines to you my friend…