Thursday, February 25, 2010

Grey Sulphur??

What's up with the name of this blog? Well, simply put, the Grey Sulphur is my favorite bug, as bugs go. It's a rare species of mayfly that is virtually unknown to even the most knowledgeable fly fishermen. This little bug was first discovered and named several years ago by one of my good friends and angling buddies. If you know your bugs, you may notice that the Grey Sulphur bears a striking resemblance to the Blue Wing Olive Mayfly (only bigger) and they are, in fact, believed to be closely related. As far as I know, the Grey Sulphur exists solely in a single run on a single river: the South Holston Tailwater in Eastern, TN. The emergence can be fleeting, but when these elusive bugs are on the water, even those wily South Holston browns throw caution to the wind and become easy pickins for the skillful fly angler. The Grey Sulphur is best imitated with a size 8, heavily hackled BWO burned wing dun. I know it sounds silly, but I swear it works. Honest...I've seen it.

Here's a quick shot of the guy that made this important discovery, a true entomologist and master angler:

Edit: I should probably add that "Grey Sulphur" is a very inside joke between myself and the goofy lookin' gentleman pictured above. Real sulphur mayflies are a yellow/orange hue and are definitely not grey, although their wings do have a greyish tint. The incident that led to the moniker of this blog involved the answer to an innocent question: "Hey what did you catch that fish on?" Answer: "Grey Sulphur". This turned out to be one more thing that goes down in the fishing lore between friends, and it gets trotted out every time we take to the stream together. It makes us laugh like idiots but probably makes absolutely no sense to anyone else.


  1. Dan,

    Very cool blog!! I found it via the SEFFF. Glad you decided to start blogging. I'll add your link to my blog.


  2. Tyler, thanks. Nice work on yours as well. I added your site here too. Dan